Often people ask why does God let this happen to……..

It’s a question you hear often and it’s a question I’ve asked myself, a lot of times.
I don’t know the answer but I have a few thoughts which I’d like to share and receive feedback on :

  • To God, our life here on Earth is like the snapping of fingers, the blinking of an eye, our souls are eternal so the pain we suffer in our human-bodied life is extremely short-lived. God knows this, He’s always existed so knows how short our human bodied lives are,  He knows the big picture and He knows the potential reward for us is literally just around the corner.
  • Children are innocent and as such won’t be judged in the way that adults will; They won’t be consigned to Hell automatically as they haven’t reached an age of accountability. Thinking about the 1000 year reign, is God giving the chance for the innocents to grow up, age, and make their own decision (follow God’s path or be led astray)?
  • It was Adam and Eve’s sinning which is the root to the problems we encounter today. If they hadn’t sinned then we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are. Once that question was raised – do we know better than God then God had to let things run their course. If He was to step in today and ‘put things right’ then the question wouldn’t be answered, people would continue to think, do I need God, do I need His guidance?

So, to sum up, yes we feel pain in this life but to God, who knows everything, it’s such a short pain and a pain he didn’t want us to have but which we brought upon ourselves. Yes, he could remove the pain we encounter in life but if He did that then the questions and doubts would still remain; does man need God? That question needs to be answered so it is never asked again.  Trust in God, he knows best!


Fukushima – Why isn’t this in the news?

I read a really alarming article about the Fukushima disaster and the massive amount of radiation currently being held within the walls of the plant itself but more worryingly leaking into the surrounding area and the Pacific ocean.

I won’t pretend to know or even be able to imagine how toxic 530 sieverts per hour is to anything that lives but when they’re saying 5 sieverts would kill half the people exposed to it within a month and a single does of 10 sieverts would prove fatal within weeks you know that Fukushima is a major catastrophy which has slid from the public radar but which needs to be taken very seriously indeed.

This article is excellent in providing information on the disaster in a clear and concise way and I’d recommend that everyone read it.

Trump President Elect – some wise words from Chuck Missler.

Here in the UK there’s a sense of disbelief at the outcome of the US General Election overnight.  I don’t understand why and I don’t understand why there’s so much hostility toward Donald Trump though a lot of the comments I’m reading are from people who are seriously misinformed.

The belief that Donald Trump is pro-war, misogynistic and racist is a myth which has been perpetuated by the mainstream media, here in the UK as well as in the US, for the past year or so.   Remember this same media pushed an agenda that Brexiteers (15+ million UK voters) were racist fools too.   2016 has certainly been a spotlight year for the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic.  There have been two massive pushes by them to try and persuade and push their agenda but they’ve failed and their credibility should, SHOULD lie in tatters.

Chuck Missler has provided his thoughts on the outcome of the election and as ever, it’s balanced and on-point.  He points out that Donald Trump is a very successful businessman, both nationally and internationally, he’s not taking credit for someone else’s or empty achievements, this man has a proven track record.
Donald won this election in true David vs Goliath fashion, spending his own money on the campaign run, without the full (if any) financial backing of the Republican party.  Pitched against the might of the Democratic party, the Clintons, the Obamas  all of the mainstream media and the financial backing that comes with that whole cabal (Soros et al) you have to be amazed, if you sit back and think about it, simply amazed at what has happened.   Could this be divine intervention?  Is it a reprieve from God, another or one last chance for us to get our house in order?  If I’m honest, I think it is and God has done this before, because his love for us is immense and immeasurable.

Over the past few weeks we’ve learned more and more about the disgusting truth of the Clinton camp who could have been running the US in just a few months time.  The courageous actions of Wikileaks has opened a Pandora’s box of the inner workings of the Clintons and their campaign, the corruption of stealing the DNC nomination, corruption in the presidential debates,  birddogging at Trump rallies for maximum media exposure and lately involvement with Satanism.  Let us not forget Bill Clinton’s chequered past or Hillary’s financial involvement Qatar and Saudi Arabia or her love of Planned Parenthood and late term abortions, the Clinton slush fund, sorry Foundation.   It’s unbelievable that the media generally ignored these stories in favour of locker-room talk of Trump.

Anyway, enough of a rant and reading the above back I’ve realised I’m just as bad and have given a biased version of events myself.    Please, please do your own research and form your own opinion but don’t believe everything you read and hear from the mainstream media.



American “Soft Coup”. The start of the end of the NWO?

I’ve just watched a video by Steve Pieczenik outlining the current situation in the USA. Steve provides a narrative on what’s happening as a revolt in the security services, across the piece, look to bring an end to the Clinton era and the cronyism that has become indemic in the American political system (indeed across the world).  Using Wikileaks as a medium to “out” the true nature of the Clintons, and the current administration, the Clinton campaign for the Whitehouse seems to have hit a brick wall in recent days.  There’s been a slide of support away from Hillary Clinton in the past 24 hours or so as we’ve seen prominent political figures withdraw their backing though very subtley.

It’s hard to believe, at this stage, if what Steve is saying will yet come to pass.  Will the main stream media, the presstitutes as Gerald Celente calls them, fight tooth and nail, to the dotting of the last I and the crossing of the last T to try and keep the facade from sliding to the ground?  Or, indeed, is the facade still maintainable, the sign in the shop window of “business as usual” while pay-for-play is still for sale inside the actual reality?  

One thing is for sure, if the people get behind this movement, indeed even recognise it’s existence, then there’s no way back for the Clintons and Obama is likely to be indicted.  Pardons are being ruled out.  the question now is….. is the Clinton jet being fuelled ready for its last stop, perhaps to Saudi Arabia or Morocco or one of the other states who backed the Clinton Foundation so lavishly.  Or, are the tanks being gassed up and is the Ministry of Truth sharpening it’s pencils ready to dismiss or more likely ignore what’s been said.  After all, all hell is breaking loose on the Real Housewives of (insert location of your choosing) don’t you know?!

The next few days will shed light on the current situation.  With so very much for the NWO to lose I think there’s something very, very big happening now.  How much of it we will see and hear will depend on how successful it is, particularly in the early stages.  If it is mentioned on the main or should I say traditional media outlets then hold on tight, this could be the time to circle the waggons or God forbid, head for the shelter.

Winchester Declaration – Restore the Rule of Law to the people of the UK.




Personal note to editors:  The content of this highly detailed and lengthy Press Release is of paramount importance for every one of your readers. All our historic freedoms, not to mention nearly every aspect of our nation’s essential sovereignty, security and prosperity, are under attack like never before by powerful outside corporate and financial interests working through rogue and treasonous elements within our political class.  I worked in a local newspaper (The Westmorland Gazette) for nearly twelve years so I know how your time is both precious and limited, but I would strongly urge you to either find the time yourself to read everything very carefully (especially the letter to the new Lord Chancellor, the Rt. Hon. Elizabeth Truss MP) or to delegate accordingly. Please now read this quote from Kenn D’Oudney’s new and excellent book “Democracy Defined -The Manifesto” which inspired this coming together for The Winchester Declaration to launch the new Rule of Law mass movement. Thank you – Justin Walker.

“Never let it be forgotten that throughout the History of the World right up to date, ALL the greatest CRIMES have been and are being perpetrated by, and in the name of, government.  Government does not ‘grant’ or ‘bestow’ the right and power to do justice:  upholding justice is the inherent duty of every citizen. The universal supreme common law recognises and provides for the fact that the people have an eternal obligation to enforce common law and protect themselves from lawlessness and injustices inflicted by criminals who acquire positions of power or government.  The secular morality of natural law, and of the traditional pan-European Legem Terrae Common Law (as expressed in Article 61 of Magna Carta), installs the People in perpetuity as the legal force to police, arrest, indict, try, punish and otherwise obtain redress over wrongdoers acting as, or in the name of government.”

On Saturday 19th November, in the ancient capital of Winchester, hundreds of constitutional experts and activists will be gathering at the Guildhall under the gaze of King Alfred the Great, also known to history as Alfred the Lawgiver.  An urgent coming together is now essential as our ancient, enduring and proven Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution, as confirmed and protected by the 1215 Great Charter of English Liberties, Magna Carta, is now under attack by criminals and traitors like never before.

After a planned sequence of presentations from leading campaigners that will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the United Kingdom has become a lawless country, a formal Declaration will be made –  serving notice to our elected servants in Parliament – requiring simply that the Rule of Law be immediately restored to the British people.

As a result, this day in Winchester will be seen as a day of historical importance.  It is from this day that a mass grassroots movement will emerge that will frustrate completely the creeping corporate tyranny of Orwellian proportions that is now starting to envelop all of our lives as the global financial elite, in cahoots with rogue and corrupted leading politicians across the political spectrum, seek to collapse the very sovereignty, democracy, security and well-being of our country.  Enough is enough!

We now live in a country where blatant fraud, deception and actual treason are being openly practised by both the government and the judiciary in league with the greed and corruption of the financiers in the City of London and the global ambitions of the central bankers led by the very little known, but extremely powerful, Bank for International Settlements.

We also now live in a country where a trial-by-judge kangaroo court, that has no jury – a Star Chamber – can unlawfully deprive innocent and decent people of their children, their homes, their cars and their businesses.  These are treasonous courts that bypass trial by jury common law justice in order to meet and serve the interests of the private banks, big business and even high-level organised crime.

Unfortunately, the British people are blissfully unaware that successive treasonous governments have driven a coach and horses through the Great Charter of 1215, a peace treaty between a lawless monarch and the English people and which predates the first English parliament by 50 years.  Magna Carta cannot be repealed or downgraded in any way by Parliament – it upholds and confirms our Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution which, using the deliberately suppressed process known as Annulment by Jury (where unjust statutes passed by Parliament can be annulled), guarantees and protects the sovereignty and well-being of the British people against all organised tyranny.

And, finally, we also live in a country where we suffer from austerity cutbacks and increasing financial stress and debt because our government unlawfully borrows money from the private financiers and the central banking system – money that has been completely conjured up out of thin air as debt.  The deliberately hidden truth is that a sovereign nation can create, issue and control its own sovereign debt-free and interest-free money that is based entirely on the nation’s wealth and potential. This means that a government of a sovereign nation never, repeat never, has to borrow money from the corporate private financial sector.  This simple and extremely effective fiscal measure (called Sovereign National Credit) is completely backed up by proven and effective examples from history – history that has been conveniently forgotten by mainstream academia, media and politics.  This includes the 1914 Treasury-issued, debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound whose immediate restoration would completely transform Britain’s economy for the good.

Please read carefully the attached two documents which will give you in more detail why this Declaration is now so desperately needed.  (I will insert links to these documents once I’ve got them hosted)

The Winchester Declaration will begin at 11am on Saturday 19th November at the Guildhall in Winchester and will finish at 6pm.  Tickets bought on the day are £20 (£10 if bought online at: http://www.britishconstitutiongroup.com/winchester-conference-tickets).  If you require more information then please either ring me on 07565 795669 or Brian Gerrish on 07841 464187.

Justin Walker – Campaign Coordinator for the British Constitution Group  (jrgwalker@aol.com)

Clinton losing US Election? I know, let’s simulate an alien invasion as a diversion and regain control. Codename : FIRESIGN

I always find it interesting when there’s a cross-over, stories coming from different directions cross and meet and that’s what happened yesterday when I was reading a Twitter post by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a man who has worked at the very centre of U.S. administrations, specialising in psychological warfare and running clandestine operations at a very senior level for several decades.

Steve posted yesterday and provided a link to a document provided by a strategy group to aid Hilary Clinton as it looks ever more likely that she’ll lose the election.  The document outlines a process where the aim is  to create a religious “awe effect” in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission)  

I’m not quite sure what the long-term plan is if the diversion tactic works but you can bet your bottom dollar that the last thing on any one’s mind will be to go and vote.   “Aid” provided by the government and NGOs would see psychotropics used to  “induce docility”. Were this plan ever to go ahead you have to say that the NWO is scraping the bottom of the barrel and very, very desperate to maintain it’s stranglehold and keep the masses subjugated.

It’s hard not to think that the document is a hoax, this is more “Wag the Dog” meets “Mars Attacks” but given it’s come from Dr Pieczenik can it be written off so easily?   One thing is for sure, we’re living in very dangerous times.

For additional information, the alien agenda has been around for a while though.  Stories of the Catholic church and extra terrestrials aren’t new.  Whether it’s the Vatican’s observatory on the top of Mount Graham, with it’s L.U.C.I.F.E.R. project or issues being raised by the previous pope, Benedict XVI, there are many indications that certainly the Catholic church believes that visitations from beings not of this world is possible.


God’s chosen, persecuted people – Covenant and Controversy (Part 1)

On yesterday’s twitter feed I saw a link, re-tweeted by Joel Richardson, to a documentary trailer called “Covenant and Controversy Part II”.  Piquing my interest I searched out and watched “Covenant and Controversy Part 1” by the Frontier Alliance Mission / Studios.

It’s a very powerful film which provides a lot of information on the persecution of Jews through the ages.   From start to finish the documentary demonstrates, with examples, how Jews are irrationally hated, ostracised from society and deliberately targeted by sections of society, governments and other religious groups.    It was an eye opener for me and I’d recommend everyone watch it.

I’ve previously watched another film, also by FAI Studios, called “Sheep Among Wolves : Volume One”.  This is another powerful, excellent movie, which provides information on the great work done by Christian missionaries, who are persecuted as they spread the word of God to people, throughout the Middle East to apostates of Islam.   This work is supported by  Global Catalytic Ministries.

Seeking wisdom? The first step to take is to fear the Lord.

I remember hearing, on a Chuck Missler podcast, that the Lord will provide wisdom to any who ask for it.   This morning I prayed that God might start to instruct me and help me to open my eyes, ears and my soul to receive the wisdom he would like me to have.
Later on in the day I started searching for information on how to ask the Lord for wisdom and I came across a very informative message on the Blue Letter Bible site.   The message was simple, the first step to gaining wisdom is to fear the Lord.  “God-fearing” isn’t a label you hear too often these days, unfortunately, but I was surprised to learn that “God-fearing” didn’t mean what I thought it did, it’s not so much about being scared of God but to put your trust in God, to find out what God wants of us and to try our best to follow his guidance.   By doing these things we put God at the forefront of our lives and our day-to-day activities.   I’m not doing a terribly good job of explaining what the true meaning is so please read this article on the Blue Letter Bible site.

Be not deceived! Sign up for your newsletters while you can.

Over the past few months I’ve had a feeling of something like I imagined the ‘Quickening’ in Highlander was meant to be.  Things are changing, issues are escalating ….and at a pace!  Whether we’re talking about the political and social meltdown in Europe post Brexit, the refugee crisis, the upcoming Presidential election in the U.S. and the move of internet management away from the U.S. to the U.N. things are definitely changing and very quickly.

Last week I learned that popular radio host Michael Savage was taken off-air mid-show as CBS started to cut his feed to affiliates across the U.S, perhaps, because he was discussing the health of Hillary Clinton?, a very topical discussion point a the moment.

I’m reminded of a line that Chuck Missler says frequently, has said frequently, and I’m parpaphrasing here, probably incorrectly, that is  we’re in (or entering) a time about which the Bible talks about more, including the time that Jesus walked the shores of Galilee.  I’m also reminded about a commandment from Jesus who told us to make sure we’re not deceived (Matthew 24:4).

Given that it’s already difficult to find what’s really going on in the world and that it’s likely that this will only get harder can I recommend that people go ‘old-school’ and sign up to newsletters / email notifications for those organisations they find carry the truth?   I think the clock is ticking and quite soon we’ll find that the stream of ‘real news’ has dried up and without these alternative connections there’s the possibility of being left out of any credible news loop.

Euphrates river running dry unleashing a plague of snakes.

This story was originally highlighted by a tweet from Prophecy Watchers@ProphEcWatchers. 

Years of water management in Syria, Iran and Turkey, with the  building of upstream dams have led to drying river beds in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and a large increase in the number of poisonous snakes attacking cattle and people.

Given Iraq’s already depleted state due to the recent wars and insurgency of ISIS this is the last thing the people of the country need.  Is it prophecy coming to pass (Revelation 16:12:  The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.)? 

It’s also interesting to note another dam on the Nile is coming online very soon and that water supply to Egypt is likely to be affected severely.  This can’t be good for an area already in distress with millions of refugees fleeing war and famine.   Again though, this could be prophecy coming true as foretold in Isaiah 19 with turmoil in Egypt and the Nile running dry?