In (my) beginning…

From a very early age I’ve felt that something is missing in my life. Over the years I’ve tried to fill this void with things, material things more often than not but no sooner have I attained the thing I want then the void re-appears. It’s taken a long time for me to arrive on a path, where I’m beginning to recognise what that final piece of my jigsaw is, and it’s my faith in God and my walk with Jesus Christ.
I’ve always tried to be a good person, haven’t we all, but fall short each and every day. Over the past few years, following a discussion with a person who mentioned a few names to me – Chuck Missler, Paul Washer, my intrigue has overtaken my doubt or should I say reluctance to embrace God and I’m now trying to walk the path, hopefully to and through the narrow gate. If I can find some stragglers along the way and get them to join me as I walk then that would be fantastic but this wouldn’t be my work, this would be the holy spirit working through me.

There have been many markers in my life which I feel have pointed me in the right direction(ish). I say ish because I’ve been more like a dodgem or a bumper car going around, careering from side to side, hitting the boundaries and bouncing back but maintaining the right direction of travel. Whether it be my initial love of Punk Rock music with the Clash, the Dead Kennedys and the talking albums of Jello Biafra through to my discovery of Alex Jones (Infowars) in the late 90s with talk of conspiracy theories, my questioning of the narrative delivered by our so called free-press and the dumbing down of people through the use of technology and mind-numbing, voyeuristic TV the path eventually led me to my discovery or rather recommendation of Chuck Missler (God bless you Chuck) who finally seemed to answer so many of the questions and doubts I’d had about God. Putting all of these things together I can see the trail behind me and although it was far from straight, I do feel there’s been a pattern to it and maybe, hopefully, one provided by God.

OK – so the purpose of this blog? I see and hear things daily which pique my interest and indicate increasingly that end-times are very near and the rapture is approaching. I’ll try and pull these together. I’m sure you won’t always agree with me, but this is a blog of things I find interesting and hopefully indicative. Will I be right? No, not always but hopefully sometimes. You may see some posts and think it’s ‘bat-shit crazy’ and that’s fine too.

I prayed this morning as I thought about and before I penned this first post, I hope I have God’s blessing.


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