Gay Syrian refugee beheaded and gang-raped in Turkey

Forget the meltdown in Fukishima, Turkey is in perpetual meltdown.  BBC have a very sad article about a gay, Syrian refugee who managed to escape the ravages of war in Syria only to find himself in a ?worse? situation in Turkey which ultimately cost him his life.
Turkey’s accession to the EU looks to have been slammed firmly into reverse after the recent, failed coup, led to the call for the re-instatement of the death penalty by Erdogan.  You’d be forgiven for thinking this was Turkey’s year-zero after so many people in the military, judiciary and education were systematically rounded up in what some say was an inside-job by Erdogan to help propel him further in his quest for power, especially when he seemingly had a hit-list which was acted on so expeditiously.

Coming back to the original point though, I wonder if the liberal attitudes of current EU members are really in-line with Turkey when groups of men are free to roam,  kidnap and behead a man for being gay.  The thing that I don’t quite understand is why a group of men with a hatred for gay men gang-rape him (presumably performing the same sexual act they find so despicable) before cutting his head off?


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