U.N. Peacekeepers – only when it suits them?

Why is it that when the U.N. has a mandate to keep peace and protect the innocent….it doesn’t?   Remember the genocide in Bosnia?   How about Rwanda….Somalia?

It came to light this week that South Sudanese soldiers went on a raping and pillaging spree in July which is only now coming to light.  Heinous though these acts are, what makes it worse is that there was a U.N. peacekeeping force only minutes away from the site of these atrocities and that they had a mandate to protect the very people who were being subjected to such terrible acts.

OK, but how could they possibly know what was going on you might validly ask?   Well, utilising ubiquitous social media platforms they were informed many, many times.   Did they have their phones or their PC’s switched off? Maybe but it seems the arrival of a badly beaten U.S. citizen at their compound wasn’t even enough to stir them into action.

The victims’ calls didn’t just fall on the deaf ears of the U.N. though, apparently the U.S. Embassy was also contacted with requests for help a la Benghazi but did nothing.

Time after time the organisations who can, should, indeed it is their job to help in situations like this simply turn their backs……and no one is ever held accountable as the carpet is lifted and the issue swept under it.   The trouble is that that carpet is now very uneven and no longer safe to walk on.



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