News – Opinions from organisations with an agenda.

On a daily basis we see the same talking points regurgitated by “News Corporations” whether on a local, national or international level.  Presumably they’re all being directed by Winston’s Ministry of Truth?   For years I held the BBC in high regard, exalting them above other news agencies, thinking that they always tried to give an unbiased take on events both globally and nationally.   Several years ago the scales fell from my eyes though.  As a publicly funded body I wonder where, specifically, they get their line to tow from.     Of late their constant attacks on Donald Trump clearly show which side of the tracks they’re on and it’s not the one of truly independent news .  Hillary Clinton, her failing health, her unsecured Email servers, losing in the polls, small numbers at her rallies, never mentioned yet claims of Ivana Trump as a sex worker make the front page?

In his latest video Chuck Missler talks about the above (news in general) with a clarity I can only aspire to (about 20 minutes in).   I check in and watch these videos weekly, I’d heartily recommend them to everyone.



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