Obama and the internet – attacking the US from within.

Following on from my last post, where I talk about the lack of independent news coverage, another topic discussed in Chuck Missler’s weekly talk  (around 24 minutes in)  is to do with the U.N. taking over control of the internet and how this follows Barack Obama’s agenda of attacking the U.S. from within.   Soon the U.N. will be an independent and unregulated policeman of what you can and can’t see and more importantly what you can and can’t say on the internet.   I would say slowly the choke-hold on the availability of independent news sources will tighten but that’s far from accurate, this is more akin to standing on the gallows, the hood is on and the trapdoor lever is starting to be pulled.  Checkout Infowars’ article for more information on what this could mean to you.


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