Saudi influence diminishing with the West, are the coffers empty?

When it comes to rich Middle-Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia is more often than not the one that comes to peoples minds.
For years it was seen as a lucrative destination for Brits (and others) who were prepared to work-away from home, with generous and tax-free wages for all kinds of vocations.   It looks like the sun may finally be setting on the desert kingdom though.  Low oil prices over the past few years have had their toll, so it seems, with vast numbers of migrant workers going unpaid and unfed.

It seems the Kingdom is still able to find money for its weapons though with vast amounts of money spent with the UK and a new deal with the USA on the cards though it’s noted that the US may be hedging it’s bets in the Middle East.  Maybe the scorching desert sun is thawing frosty relations between the US and Iran?

Maybe Saudi should reign in its forces and activities in Yemen , Syria and Iran and concentrate on putting it’s own ‘house’ in order first?

There’s been a large sandstorm blowing in the Middle East for the past few years, glimpses from the edge of the storm hints at erosion and subsidence under the traditional centers of power but the true picture is far from clear.



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