Our Birthright

I tend to listen to the radio on my commute to and from work and this morning was no exception.   Normally I tune into Infowars  and listen to Alex Jones and his crew covering what’s happening in the World, live on the way home (5PM BST/GMT) and catching up on the way into work (8am BST / GMT).   This morning I couldn’t stomach it.  I don’t mean that in a condescending way, I think I just felt overloaded in all meanings of the word.

So, I tried to find a radio broadcast / recording for Paul Washer. Paul is so strongly sincere and passionate in his sermons that there’s just no escaping the power that works through him.  Unfortunately I can’t find a great number of his sermons online.   Back to my point though, this morning I was listening to an ‘old’ sermon on Psalm 1 and Paul talks through our relationship with God and how we should seek a genuine relationship with God and His word.   Listening, Paul talks about our Birthright though and it’s OUR Birthright, no one is excluded, it is available to each and everyone of us on this Earth.  What is our Birthright you may ask?  It is our redemption and justification and we are entitled to it because of the sacrifice that Jesus, Christ made on our behalf.    Just think about that for a moment.  We ALL are entitled to this.   I hope that people who weren’t aware of this find this blog post and go and find out what their Birthright is by looking at Jesus’ sacrifice for them.  I pray they go on to accept their Birthright for truly there is none better.



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