Be not deceived! Sign up for your newsletters while you can.

Over the past few months I’ve had a feeling of something like I imagined the ‘Quickening’ in Highlander was meant to be.  Things are changing, issues are escalating ….and at a pace!  Whether we’re talking about the political and social meltdown in Europe post Brexit, the refugee crisis, the upcoming Presidential election in the U.S. and the move of internet management away from the U.S. to the U.N. things are definitely changing and very quickly.

Last week I learned that popular radio host Michael Savage was taken off-air mid-show as CBS started to cut his feed to affiliates across the U.S, perhaps, because he was discussing the health of Hillary Clinton?, a very topical discussion point a the moment.

I’m reminded of a line that Chuck Missler says frequently, has said frequently, and I’m parpaphrasing here, probably incorrectly, that is  we’re in (or entering) a time about which the Bible talks about more, including the time that Jesus walked the shores of Galilee.  I’m also reminded about a commandment from Jesus who told us to make sure we’re not deceived (Matthew 24:4).

Given that it’s already difficult to find what’s really going on in the world and that it’s likely that this will only get harder can I recommend that people go ‘old-school’ and sign up to newsletters / email notifications for those organisations they find carry the truth?   I think the clock is ticking and quite soon we’ll find that the stream of ‘real news’ has dried up and without these alternative connections there’s the possibility of being left out of any credible news loop.


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