Seeking wisdom? The first step to take is to fear the Lord.

I remember hearing, on a Chuck Missler podcast, that the Lord will provide wisdom to any who ask for it.   This morning I prayed that God might start to instruct me and help me to open my eyes, ears and my soul to receive the wisdom he would like me to have.
Later on in the day I started searching for information on how to ask the Lord for wisdom and I came across a very informative message on the Blue Letter Bible site.   The message was simple, the first step to gaining wisdom is to fear the Lord.  “God-fearing” isn’t a label you hear too often these days, unfortunately, but I was surprised to learn that “God-fearing” didn’t mean what I thought it did, it’s not so much about being scared of God but to put your trust in God, to find out what God wants of us and to try our best to follow his guidance.   By doing these things we put God at the forefront of our lives and our day-to-day activities.   I’m not doing a terribly good job of explaining what the true meaning is so please read this article on the Blue Letter Bible site.


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