God’s chosen, persecuted people – Covenant and Controversy (Part 1)

On yesterday’s twitter feed I saw a link, re-tweeted by Joel Richardson, to a documentary trailer called “Covenant and Controversy Part II”.  Piquing my interest I searched out and watched “Covenant and Controversy Part 1” by the Frontier Alliance Mission / Studios.

It’s a very powerful film which provides a lot of information on the persecution of Jews through the ages.   From start to finish the documentary demonstrates, with examples, how Jews are irrationally hated, ostracised from society and deliberately targeted by sections of society, governments and other religious groups.    It was an eye opener for me and I’d recommend everyone watch it.

I’ve previously watched another film, also by FAI Studios, called “Sheep Among Wolves : Volume One”.  This is another powerful, excellent movie, which provides information on the great work done by Christian missionaries, who are persecuted as they spread the word of God to people, throughout the Middle East to apostates of Islam.   This work is supported by  Global Catalytic Ministries.


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