American “Soft Coup”. The start of the end of the NWO?

I’ve just watched a video by Steve Pieczenik outlining the current situation in the USA. Steve provides a narrative on what’s happening as a revolt in the security services, across the piece, look to bring an end to the Clinton era and the cronyism that has become indemic in the American political system (indeed across the world).  Using Wikileaks as a medium to “out” the true nature of the Clintons, and the current administration, the Clinton campaign for the Whitehouse seems to have hit a brick wall in recent days.  There’s been a slide of support away from Hillary Clinton in the past 24 hours or so as we’ve seen prominent political figures withdraw their backing though very subtley.

It’s hard to believe, at this stage, if what Steve is saying will yet come to pass.  Will the main stream media, the presstitutes as Gerald Celente calls them, fight tooth and nail, to the dotting of the last I and the crossing of the last T to try and keep the facade from sliding to the ground?  Or, indeed, is the facade still maintainable, the sign in the shop window of “business as usual” while pay-for-play is still for sale inside the actual reality?  

One thing is for sure, if the people get behind this movement, indeed even recognise it’s existence, then there’s no way back for the Clintons and Obama is likely to be indicted.  Pardons are being ruled out.  the question now is….. is the Clinton jet being fuelled ready for its last stop, perhaps to Saudi Arabia or Morocco or one of the other states who backed the Clinton Foundation so lavishly.  Or, are the tanks being gassed up and is the Ministry of Truth sharpening it’s pencils ready to dismiss or more likely ignore what’s been said.  After all, all hell is breaking loose on the Real Housewives of (insert location of your choosing) don’t you know?!

The next few days will shed light on the current situation.  With so very much for the NWO to lose I think there’s something very, very big happening now.  How much of it we will see and hear will depend on how successful it is, particularly in the early stages.  If it is mentioned on the main or should I say traditional media outlets then hold on tight, this could be the time to circle the waggons or God forbid, head for the shelter.


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