Often people ask why does God let this happen to……..

It’s a question you hear often and it’s a question I’ve asked myself, a lot of times.
I don’t know the answer but I have a few thoughts which I’d like to share and receive feedback on :

  • To God, our life here on Earth is like the snapping of fingers, the blinking of an eye, our souls are eternal so the pain we suffer in our human-bodied life is extremely short-lived. God knows this, He’s always existed so knows how short our human bodied lives are,  He knows the big picture and He knows the potential reward for us is literally just around the corner.
  • Children are innocent and as such won’t be judged in the way that adults will; They won’t be consigned to Hell automatically as they haven’t reached an age of accountability. Thinking about the 1000 year reign, is God giving the chance for the innocents to grow up, age, and make their own decision (follow God’s path or be led astray)?
  • It was Adam and Eve’s sinning which is the root to the problems we encounter today. If they hadn’t sinned then we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are. Once that question was raised – do we know better than God then God had to let things run their course. If He was to step in today and ‘put things right’ then the question wouldn’t be answered, people would continue to think, do I need God, do I need His guidance?

So, to sum up, yes we feel pain in this life but to God, who knows everything, it’s such a short pain and a pain he didn’t want us to have but which we brought upon ourselves. Yes, he could remove the pain we encounter in life but if He did that then the questions and doubts would still remain; does man need God? That question needs to be answered so it is never asked again.  Trust in God, he knows best!


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