U.N. Peacekeepers – only when it suits them?

Why is it that when the U.N. has a mandate to keep peace and protect the innocent….it doesn’t?   Remember the genocide in Bosnia?   How about Rwanda….Somalia?

It came to light this week that South Sudanese soldiers went on a raping and pillaging spree in July which is only now coming to light.  Heinous though these acts are, what makes it worse is that there was a U.N. peacekeeping force only minutes away from the site of these atrocities and that they had a mandate to protect the very people who were being subjected to such terrible acts.

OK, but how could they possibly know what was going on you might validly ask?   Well, utilising ubiquitous social media platforms they were informed many, many times.   Did they have their phones or their PC’s switched off? Maybe but it seems the arrival of a badly beaten U.S. citizen at their compound wasn’t even enough to stir them into action.

The victims’ calls didn’t just fall on the deaf ears of the U.N. though, apparently the U.S. Embassy was also contacted with requests for help a la Benghazi but did nothing.

Time after time the organisations who can, should, indeed it is their job to help in situations like this simply turn their backs……and no one is ever held accountable as the carpet is lifted and the issue swept under it.   The trouble is that that carpet is now very uneven and no longer safe to walk on.



Gay Syrian refugee beheaded and gang-raped in Turkey

Forget the meltdown in Fukishima, Turkey is in perpetual meltdown.  BBC have a very sad article about a gay, Syrian refugee who managed to escape the ravages of war in Syria only to find himself in a ?worse? situation in Turkey which ultimately cost him his life.
Turkey’s accession to the EU looks to have been slammed firmly into reverse after the recent, failed coup, led to the call for the re-instatement of the death penalty by Erdogan.  You’d be forgiven for thinking this was Turkey’s year-zero after so many people in the military, judiciary and education were systematically rounded up in what some say was an inside-job by Erdogan to help propel him further in his quest for power, especially when he seemingly had a hit-list which was acted on so expeditiously.

Coming back to the original point though, I wonder if the liberal attitudes of current EU members are really in-line with Turkey when groups of men are free to roam,  kidnap and behead a man for being gay.  The thing that I don’t quite understand is why a group of men with a hatred for gay men gang-rape him (presumably performing the same sexual act they find so despicable) before cutting his head off?

Rapist marries victim to avoid jail?

After reading the headline I thought I must have made a mistake….nope. Although maybe not a common practice it’s not unheard of in Malaysia where the family of a victim would, to avoid the sullying of the family name, allow the rapist to marry the victim.  Surely a win-win situation then?  The rapist avoids 30 years in jail, the family avoid the scandal and the victim wins by getting married to a rapist monster.

Presumably, once married, the perpetrator is free to then treat his wife with the contempt he showed when he committed the crime,maybe by repeatedly raping her for the rest of their married life?   How can this be right?

Daily Mail article

Sweep that radiation under the carpet!

It’s over 5 years since the devastation of the Tohoku earthquake and tusnami.  The magnitude 9 earthquake  off the Pacific coast of the region shook north eastern Japan and took many lives, the surge of sea water which followed was a harrowing spectacle to behold.
One would be forgiven for thinking that things had slowly returned to normal, or as normal as it could be after such a series of events and huge loss of life but there’s still an elephant in the room when it comes to the disaster and this one glows bright green when the lights go out.   I’m talking about Fukishima and it’s failure to safely shut down following the tsunami which destroyed the emergency generators responsible for cooling the reactors.

Fukishima’s legacy is still going very strong in fact it’s getting worse, not that you’ll hear much about it which is surprising especially given the way the Pacific Ocean is a conduit between the disaster site and North West America.

Demon Locusts – Revelation 9?

I came across this video a few days ago which shows a very weird looking creature, a hybrid – human, locust, scorpion thing.  Could it be a locust of the type mentioned in Revelation 9?   Could it be a spoof?  LA Marzulli isn’t the type of guy to be pedalling a hoax.  I’ve seen a few of his videos, his interviews with Chuck Missler and his talks at Koinonia House’s Strategic Perspectives Conference.

LA Marzulli’s blog

**Update** this is now known to be a hoax.  I can’t find a working link to an update on LA’s blog or site but LA has confirmed this isn’t real.  Not sure of this is a good thing or a bad thing, Luke 21:26: men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth.

Straight Talk from Putin? WWIII Looming?

I watched this video last night.  It is thought provoking.  I don’t speak Russian so he could have been talking about something completely different but from what I’ve seen of Putin he pulls no punches so it probably is genuine.
It’s an interesting and very valid perspective that he has on America’s Anti-Missile system, especially when it’s deployed on Russia’s border.

I lament the fact that the western media don’t provide un-biased reporting, it would have been refreshing to read or see this point of view in the mainstream media.

Putin’s warning on America’s Anti-Missile system

Repentance – I know I’ve done wrong…how do I put things right with God?

I’ve worried about repentance for quite some time now.  I sin each and every day and wondered how can I genuinely repent (sincerely regret or have real remorse) when I know / knew that what I did at the time was wrong or sinful.  It’s like saying I’m sorry as I put my hand in to the cookie jar.  Although I was genuinely remorseful about large / never to be repeated sins I always felt I wouldn’t  be honest if I even tried to be remorseful about sins I know I’ll be repeating again.

Last week I decided to have a look at repentance and see if I was missing something.  I should point out that I’m not a knowledgeable Christian and I have a terrible memory to boot.  I’m trying though and learning things each and every day.

Anyway, it turns out I was missing something and that repentance with a view to being stronger going forward is actually a multi-part process.

Extracting or summarising, from Nancy Missler’s writings (probably incorrectly), I feel the following provides a solid set of processes to follow when I look at the things I’ve done wrong and ask for God’s help in dealing with them.

  • Recognise and acknowledge my real thoughts and emotions. Ask God to expose what’s going on in my conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Confess ownership of my sin, ask God to take these feelings and follow him instead.
  • Forgive openly and fully anyone who has sinned against me.
  • Give anything that is not of faith to God so he can deal with it.
  • Reading God’s Word and replacing the lies with the truth.

I’ve glossed over the process, the following links from Koinonia house are excellent and insightful and provide the in-depth information you’ll need if you decide to follow a similar process.

Confessing, Repenting, Forgiving
Unconditionally Forgiving Others
Give all to God

This is preceded by an article on recognising self-centered thoughts.



In (my) beginning…

From a very early age I’ve felt that something is missing in my life. Over the years I’ve tried to fill this void with things, material things more often than not but no sooner have I attained the thing I want then the void re-appears. It’s taken a long time for me to arrive on a path, where I’m beginning to recognise what that final piece of my jigsaw is, and it’s my faith in God and my walk with Jesus Christ.
I’ve always tried to be a good person, haven’t we all, but fall short each and every day. Over the past few years, following a discussion with a person who mentioned a few names to me – Chuck Missler, Paul Washer, my intrigue has overtaken my doubt or should I say reluctance to embrace God and I’m now trying to walk the path, hopefully to and through the narrow gate. If I can find some stragglers along the way and get them to join me as I walk then that would be fantastic but this wouldn’t be my work, this would be the holy spirit working through me.

There have been many markers in my life which I feel have pointed me in the right direction(ish). I say ish because I’ve been more like a dodgem or a bumper car going around, careering from side to side, hitting the boundaries and bouncing back but maintaining the right direction of travel. Whether it be my initial love of Punk Rock music with the Clash, the Dead Kennedys and the talking albums of Jello Biafra through to my discovery of Alex Jones (Infowars) in the late 90s with talk of conspiracy theories, my questioning of the narrative delivered by our so called free-press and the dumbing down of people through the use of technology and mind-numbing, voyeuristic TV the path eventually led me to my discovery or rather recommendation of Chuck Missler (God bless you Chuck) who finally seemed to answer so many of the questions and doubts I’d had about God. Putting all of these things together I can see the trail behind me and although it was far from straight, I do feel there’s been a pattern to it and maybe, hopefully, one provided by God.

OK – so the purpose of this blog? I see and hear things daily which pique my interest and indicate increasingly that end-times are very near and the rapture is approaching. I’ll try and pull these together. I’m sure you won’t always agree with me, but this is a blog of things I find interesting and hopefully indicative. Will I be right? No, not always but hopefully sometimes. You may see some posts and think it’s ‘bat-shit crazy’ and that’s fine too.

I prayed this morning as I thought about and before I penned this first post, I hope I have God’s blessing.